Sight-reading for the modern musician

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“Read Ahead is a most intriguing and ingenious digital age approach to an aspect of musicianship that is given far too little attention in the development of today’s young and compleat musician.” –Leon Fleisher

Sight-reading is your connection to music.

No matter what your skill level, Read Ahead will help you to become a more fluent sight-reader, so you can play the music you love quickly and easily. With great repertoire, innovative exercises, and our patented “disappearing music” feature, the Read Ahead iPad app makes sight-reading fun and exciting.

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 Watch a Peabody Prep student demonstrate a Read Ahead exercise.

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One of the true joys of being good at sight-reading is discovering new music. We want to help students improve their reading abilities while exposing them to good music. Read Ahead for iPad features innovative sets of exercises that train students to form new music-reading habits.


For a more traditional approach, the Read Ahead books can be used on their own or in conjunction with the mobile app Read Ahead Hybrid. The phone app allows students to practice the memory exercises and sync their devices with…