Warmup – Memory Exercise:

Warmup – Touch Exercise:


More Instructional videos coming soon!

Welcome, and thanks for trying our new release of Read Ahead. We really do want to know what you think so please let us know. You can always send us an email: feedback@anacrusisllc.com Or…

If you would like to discuss, report bugs or ask questions about the new build, join the Read Ahead Beta Testers facebook group and fire away. (Unfortunately, this link won’t open the Facebook app on an iPad. You will need to open the app and search for the group)

We’ll also invite you to participate in another brief survey when we are done testing and ready to launch (around 2 weeks from now). Your participation is invaluable and will allow us to incorporate features and make changes you’d like to see.

If you’ve used Read Ahead before you should be able to jump right in.

If not, here is a link to the instruction page for the current app: Current Instructions

What is new:

In a sense everything!  We had to completely rebuild the app because the cross-platform framework the old version was written in (Appgyver) is barely being supported anymore and made updates impractical. Our new version is written in Ionic and gives us the ability to continue to develop the app and it runs much faster.

  • We’ve added the first section of our new Preparatory Level.
  • We redid the in-app purchases which are now made through the store and we will be offering Level and Section purchases. You don’t need to use the store in this version because everything should be unlocked, but have a look and let us know what you think.
  • Memory and Read Ahead exercises now let you input tempi outside of the slider range. Just tap in the Manual box on the tempo pages and enter the value of your choice. The range is 30-200 BPM. Any values entered outside that range will have no effect.
  • You now swipe left or right to turn pages for longer sight-reading and touch exercises.
  • Practice Goal: We encourage students to practice regularly by setting a weekly goal. To this end, we have implemented a practice goal. Go to the settings page and enter how many days of a section you want to complete in a week. Then enter the day and time of your lesson. Each time you check off all of the boxes in a day of Read Ahead, you move one step closer towards your goal. At the end of the week, when you reach the day and time of your lesson, the goal will reset. If you complete your goal you will receive a trophy which will be displayed on the My Progress page (Trophies are still under construction). Better trophies are awarded for completing more ambitious goals. (The range for this is 2-6 days a week).
  • The Day screen has been reorganized. The warmups are now posted above the pieces they are associated with.
  • The user interface has been reworked. There are too many small changes to comment on but we hope you will appreciate them!