Practice Suggestions

  • Look before you leap. Take time to scan the score before playing, looking for leaps and position changes that may tempt you to look down. In the beginning, it helps to draw lines between the closest connections, as in the examples above.
  • Touch the keys silently before playing. When you see leaps in the score, try touching them silently on the keyboard. This helps you to feel the closest connections, and to find the best fingerings and arm movements.
  • Take the time you need. Take a tempo that gives you time to find the notes without looking down for them. Stretch the tempo where needed to give yourself extra time.
  • Have someone cover your hands. If you find it difficult to avoid looking at your hands, ask a friend to hold a notebook (or something else of a similar shape) a few inches above your hands as you play. You can even use a barber’s cape, attached around your neck and at the two corners of the keyboard lid.

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