“The ability to sight-read—to play an unfamiliar piece of music from start to finish, without stopping—is an important skill for any pianist. Yet many piano students find it a difficult skill to master—even students at the Peabody Institute of The Johns Hopkins University, one of the world’s pre-eminent music schools. Recognizing this need, Peabody Institute music theory professors Travis Hardaway and Ken Johansen developed an app to help students learn to sight-read.”
Johns Hopkins University Technology Ventures Article, 2015

“To improve his own instruction, Hardaway came up with the concept of creating music that disappeared as students play. He soon learned that fellow faculty member Ken Johansen was working on his own sight-reading instruction material. The two instructors combined notes.. Music school isn’t normally an incubator for technological innovation, but Peabody’s affiliation with Johns Hopkins helped Read Ahead get off the ground.” Baltimore Article, 2015

“Faculty members Ken Johansen (keyboard skills) and Travis Hardaway (theory adjunct) received a grant through the Technology Fellowship Program.. (that) will be helping to create digital training exercises designed to train students to read ahead and improve fluency in sight-reading at the piano.
The Peabody Post, Johns Hopkins University, 2012


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