Teachers Portal Instructions

  • The teacher portal is an optional feature that we’re creating to make it easy for teachers to keep track of their student’s progress when using Read Ahead.
  • It is particularly useful for teachers with large studios or group piano teachers who want to quickly check and see if their students are reaching their practice goals.
  • In order to use the portal, each student needs to have their own copy of Read Ahead. Currently, there is no way to track multiple students who are practicing from the same device.
How to start using the portal:
1) Request a free account
Send email with the subject Account Request to feedback@anacrusisllc.com. Once your account is created you will receive a confirmation email with a temporary password and a link to the data center so you can login.
2) Send invitations
You do this from your portal page by clicking on the add student button. Once you enter their first and last name and email, an invitation will automatically be sent to that address.
3) Enter the codes and set a goal
Students need to enter the invitation code into their iPad through the settings page shown below in order to sync their iPads to your account.
Note: Until a student enters their code, it will appear next to their name in the Teacher Portal. Once a student syncs their iPad, this code will disappear.
You may want to have them bring their iPad to their lesson to fill this data out.
This is also where they/you will set their weekly practice goal.
After saving their settings, the next time they start Read Ahead their iPad will synchronize with your portal page. If you refresh your portal page the 8 digit code should no longer appear next to their name.
4) Track Their Results
Every time a student opens and closes Read Ahead on their iPad their data gets synchronized with the Teacher Portal.
Click on a student’s name and a box will open up like the one shown below. This is where you can track information such as how much of a level they have completed, time spent practicing and see their quiz scores and other information.
For each student, we have added an optional field to your portal page for their lesson time and day. This information is not tied to their iPad, it is there so you can sort your students by lesson time and day.
If you want to find out a little more information about how your student is doing, you can click on their name and it will give you their progress on a number of facets of their practice. For instance if your students have a low percentage in both their preview time and quiz score, they should be encouraged to use more of the preview time so they can better answer the quiz questions afterwards. The message and notes features of the Teachers Portal have not yet been implemented.
This is the first version of the teacher portal and we are very interested in adding useful features and functionality that make it easier for teachers to help their students improve their sight-reading.
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