Wonderful teaching tool! I am a classically trained pianist who has been teaching piano for 40 years and have a very active studio of 35 students. Sight reading is the first thing we do at every lesson, and I am…


初見奏の練習にとてもよいです。 楽譜を先読みして、その楽譜が消えていくというのは面白い発想だと思いました。 瞬間的に記憶する練習になります。


Best sight reading tool I have ever seen.

Career Ae

After a lifetime of pianism – I am now 73 – I am so inspired by this program. I could always play by ear, which helped me avoid the work of sight reading. I also sang, and ‘got by’ by…

Malinda Hatch

This app really does help students to read ahead. Very well thought out and has had a positive impact on my students.

pianolady Sue

I’m French but try to put this in English, so please forgive the mistakes. This is just the best I’ve ever seen concerning sight reading. The locking system progress, the progressive difficulty, the size of each lesson that you can…


As a piano teacher, I downloaded this to try out for students. I found it helpful as you get to work your sigh treading ability in different ways, from small sections to reading ahead to looking to patterns in the…

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